Pro Fashion Sketchpad — The ultimate sketchbook for fashion designers & creative individuals

Achieve the best professional results, with a perfect and efficient solution in personal design work flow, when on a tight time schedule. Save your time and deliver professional looking design sketches, all organized together — with the new PRO FASHION SKETCHPAD. Unleash your creativity and get inspired with a beautiful ready to use female figure pose templates.
With PRO FASHION SKETCHPAD you can incorporate different designs in your collection, varying from dresses, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, shoes etc. Make all your design ideas organized and accessible any time you need it. Stay focused on what is truly important to you. Start drawing your ideas immediately, without wasting your valuable time on building the female figure first and only afterward starting to create your design itself.
PRO FASHION SKETCHPAD includes following topics:
590 pages:
  • Bonus: Illustrated Mini Fashion Dictionary
  • 35 Female Figure Pose Outlines
  • 35 Front / Back/ Side Pose Outline
  • 35 Flat Figure Outline
  • 35 Lingerie Pose Outline
  • 11 Head & Shoulders Accessories Design
  • 11 Head Display Jewelry Design
  • 11 Hand Display Jewelry Design
  • 21 Shoe Last / Shoe Design
  • 43 Bonus Female Pose Outlines
  • 21 Croquis Outline
  • Measurements
  • Top Luxury Brands List
  • Fabric glossary

It’s time to be focused on your design ideas, and enjoy your new elegant and portable PRO FASHION SKETCHPAD.
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